I came to veganism in August 2015. I was raised vegetarian, which helped me to understand different dietary lifestyles. I also understood that the reason we were not eating meat was because the animals were our friends. My family has always been for animal rights.

A documentary called, “Cowspiracy,” opened our eyes to how horrific dairy cows and chickens are treated. For a family that was supposed to be animal right supporters, we were supporting an industry that thrived on the mutilation, mistreatment, torture, and early death of innocent beings. Needless to say we went vegan the next day.

I have never looked back on the choice to turn vegan. The lifestyle is full of love, support, and amazing benefits. Not only are vegans saving the lives of millions of animals, they are defending the environment, and protecting their health.
My energy is o􀀁f the wall, my acne has cleared, I no longer watch what I eat in fear of gaining weight. I am happy, healthy, and thriving. I wish this joy on you as well!

Since going vegan I have become an avid advocate of promoting this lifestyle. Because of my passion for creating and sharing vegan food with my family and friends I have been inspired to write cookbooks on how to share this lifestyle with others. I have learned that the biggest fear for people transitioning into the vegan lifestyle is that they are afraid their food is going to lack flavor.

I can honestly say that there are so many new vegan products on the market that replicate animal products that I know a handful of people who have switched to veganism because there is no lacking in flavor or familiarity. This passion is a huge influence on why I have created the recipes that I have. I want to show my fellow beings how wonderful vegan food can taste and that becoming vegan doesn’t mean that you are giving anything up, but that you are gaining love, support, and health. You are no longer contributing to fear, pain, and death, but life!

I created The Entertaining Vegan as a safe place to ask etiquette tips on how to host a vegan or non-vegan. Food related lifestyles can be a very touchy subject, no matter the diet choice. While we are all on a journey, we must remember that our friends, families, and strangers are also on a journey of their own. When we take into consideration the feelings of others and try to respect their choices we can better our relationships.

I have been a vegan for over 2 years now. I was raised vegetarian, but grew up around other family members that ate the traditional American diet. We all respected the different food choices each other preferred. Of course there was a joke or snippit here and there, but no one was judged for what they ate.

Since going vegan, I have found that many people don’t quite understand this type of dietary choice. I explain to them when they ask and try to offer guidance if they feel they would like to try and cook a vegan meal. All you can do is be supportive and explain your situation.

Top issues I find I must say or explain:
~ “Veganism means no animal products. No meat, dairy, cheese, eggs, fish, honey, etc., Nothing that comes from an animal.”
~ “Cross contamination is a no-no. When cooking please refrain from mixing, cutting, cooking, baking, etc. with any non-vegan foods with vegan foods. Thank you kindly!”
~ “It’s okay, I can bring my own. We really don’t mind furnishing our foods when we attend a party or dinner, we know we are picky, it’s okay!”

Be as open an honest to your host or guest about what to expect, believe me, they are probably just as nervous as you!

On Entertaining Vegan, not only will you find etiquette tips, I will share interesting circumstances and how to respond to them, along with tasty one of a kind recipes I created to get taste buds of all diet lifestyle salivating!

Let’s entertain!