Guest Etiquette – when you’re invited to dinner

“If your invitation simply says your name only, that means that the invitation is for one. Don’t include a date if you are not instructed to do so.”

“RSVP by the date instructed by your host, even if it is to decline the invitation. Ignoring an invitation is an extreme etiquette faux pas.”

“Always compliment your host or hostess on their dinner party.”

“Don’t arrive late, unless caused by an unfortunate circumstance. If this occurs, call your host straight away.”

“Try to have a conversation with everyone at the dinner party. Sparking conversation creates a wonderful atmosphere.”

“Don’t provoke an argument based upon diet lifestyle choices.”

“When you sit down to dinner, place your napkin on your lap immediately. Once you have finished, drape the napkin at your place setting. If you need to leave the table, place your napkin on your chair seat.”

“Always start with the silverware on the outside and work your way in.”

“If dinner rolls are provided, use your butter knife to remove a piece of butter from the dish and place it on the bread plate. Then tear small pieces from your bread buttering them as you go.”

“If you find something on your plate that you can not or chose not to eat, simply leave it on the plate. If the item will cause allergies or makes you uncomfortable, ask you host for a second helping of the soup or salad. If your host asks why, feel free to explain.”

“Don’t feel obligated to help your host. They have decided to host a dinner party for you with the knowledge that they will be taking care of the preparation and clean-up.”

“If alcohol is served try not to consume too much that your actions become embarrassing. If you consume too much, don’t drive yourself, call a ride or ask another guest to take you home.”


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