Hosting Etiquette – My Tips and Tricks!

“When writing your invitations, do make sure that you have spelled all names correctly.”

“When sending invitations, send them at least seven days in advance. This is a good time limit because your guests should be able to RSVP with confidence.”

“If you know that one of your guests has food allergies or requirements contact them in advance so you clearly understand how they prefer to eat.”


“When creating a vegan menu, always offers something gluten-free, nut free, and if possible make a raw dish – that way all the guests are happy!”

“Always make sure that your table cloth and napkins are wrinkle free. Sometimes and iron is just the trick.”

“Always polish any candle sticks, silverware, and stemware before your dinner.”

“Don’t forget to wipe down your silverware so no spots are present.”

“When cooking make sure to never cross contaminate items. Keep the soup utensils with the soup, and the dessert utensils with the dessert. Cross contamination can have serious side effects.”

“Do set the table for the amount of guests that replied. If someone doesn’t arrive, neatly remove their spot before dinner is served.”

“Always offer your guests a drink when they arrive.”

“Serve dinner at the time set forth on your invitation. It is polite to be mindful of your guests’ time.”

“Do make enough vegan food for everyone to be satisfied after dinner.”

“Don’t let a guest begin to cause issues. If an issue arises, ask them if there is anything you can do to help. If they continue, you can ask them to leave.”

“Thank your guests for attending.”

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