Buy The Entertaining Vegan your guide to vegan hosting – A Dinner Party today!

Alexandra, The Entertaining Vegan, wanted to share her three passions: veganism, etiquette, and cultural anthropology. Alexandra is a passionate vegan. She loves to share her recipes in hopes to inspire others to try the vegan lifestyle! Not only is she a passionate vegan, she is a self-taught etiquette expert. Since she was a little girl she always enjoyed the finer things in life and obsessed over the traditions of years gone by. During her time at University she graduated with a degree in English Writing with a minor in Anthropology.

The Entertaining Vegan combines everything that creates a well balanced life – health, manners, and cultural experiences! Through imagination, recipe requests, and her love for different countries’ cuisines, Alexandra found a way to provide a solid guide to vegan hosting while offering a variety of tastes. In this entertaining book, you will learn or re-visit etiquette tips on setting a formal vegan table to making a perfect centerpiece, while enjoying cuisines from around the world. Alexandra used flavors and spices that are traditional to the geographical area of her inspired recipes. She hopes that you enjoy her beautiful etiquette tips and mouthwatering recipes! For more inspiration visit

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