Let’s Entertain!

Being vegan is trying your best to cause the least amount of pain and suffering while leaving the planet better than you found it, all the while celebrating your body with amazing health!

Let’s entertain! The Entertaining Vegan is a website dedicated to vegan inspiration! From etiquette tips to 5 course dinner menus, I want to showcase that there is so much more to the vegan lifestyle.

The vegan lifestyle is one full of love and compassion. Vegans eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains. Their diet does not consume animals products: no meat, no dairy, no cheese, no eggs, no fish.

There are many types of vegans in the world. The impressions on veganism I make below are through my own observations and research.

Some are vegan for the animals. This means that they no longer want to contribute to the suffering of animals. So they have chosen to remove all forms of animal products from their lives. This includes not wearing any animals products: no leather, no wool, no cashmere, no shearling, and no silk.

Another type of vegan is one for their health. These vegans came to veganism to improve their health. Many stories of health concerned vegans begin with their struggle of acne, anorexia, bulimia, obesity, chronic diseases, and cancers. These people needed a drastic change in their lifestyle and eating a pure diet has helped them. More often than not these vegans eat extremely clean vegan foods. Mostly whole foods (vegetables and fruits in their full forms).

The environmental vegan is concerned about helping save our beautiful planet. They learned that the production of meat and dairy is one of the largest leading causes in global warming and deforestation that they have decided to boycott the industry in order to decrease the demand and stop these tragic occurrences.

Finally, most vegans encompass all three types of vegans. Whether they started for one reason or the other, most vegans have come to love all parts of being vegan. I can say that I am one of these vegans. I love animals, my health, and the environment. It is almost impossible to start one without learning and living with love and compassion for all.